Mckenzie Media Digital Marketing Agency

Mckenzie Media is a Digital Marketing Agency in Rochester NY.  We offer Facebook Marketing in addition to Lead Generation. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to achieve optimal results for their business.

Do you want to promote your brand through Facebook Marketing?

Do you want new customers to grow your business?

 Facebook provides businesses with the largest advertising opportunity.  Yes, your target audience is on Facebook – it’s just a matter of marketing to your services to them!

Let us map out a strategy to help you reach your business goals. We are a full- service agency that is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. Our main areas of specialization are Facebook Marketing and 100% DFYlead Generation.

Mckenzie Media Food Truck

Check out our featured Messenger Marketing for August:

Food Trucks and Restaurants:

What are Chatbots?  They are a way of communicating with your customers through Facebook Messenging.   The open   rate on Facebook Messenging is 80-90% vs email which is   20% open rate.

 Facebook Messenger allows Restaurant owners to notify their  customers of special promotions and Food Trucks can let their customers know their location and food promotions on a daily basis.

It makes sense to have this technology grow your business!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising delivers unparalleled laser targeting of your exact customer/client and creates a high ROI.  Facebook ads can build your brand, grow your fan page and boost your current promotions.

Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger marketing is the latest technology that maximizes your paid lead generation, increases website conversions, easily tracked, captures leads and answers questions 24/7.  Chatbots have an 80-95% open rate which means your message to your customers gets delivered and...

Lead Generation

We have developed the answer to the client acquisition problem. We have a 100% Done for You program that makes landing new clients /customers truly effortless!

Let us help you dominate your competition and gain more revenue