What is the ROI on a messenger bot?

For example:  If you have a list of 2000 email subscribers here is what you should see from your email list:
22.87% Open Rate ~ 460 opens
3.26% CTR  ~ 60 click throughs
and if you have for example a 10% conversion rate with a value per client of $1000  you would earn $6000 in revenue
Now ..check out the results in Facebook Messenger Bot:
84% Open Rate ~ 1680 opens
28% CTR ~ 560 click throughs
with the same 10% conversion and $1000 per client, you would have 56 new clients and estimated revenue of ~ $56000!
With Messenger, you could potentially make $50,000 more!!
Just imagine if all this was automated for you:
Generating Leads & Qualifying Prospects
Selling your Services
Setting up Consultations & Appointments
Educating Prospects on your Services
Customer Service and FAQ
Automated Broadcasts to your list of subscribers
 24/7 Customer Service
the list goes on and on….